A HEALTHY MIND IN A HEALTHY BODY - that is the focus of Mensics Institute, a network of Coaches and Trainers specialized in Tailor Made Intensive Trainings: i.t.   Founded by Marion Boon, Regression Therapist and Trainer in Transpersonal Empowerment Workshops. A sommon sense practical approach is combined with in-depth learning and powerful insights.

Your soul will resonate in the practical intensive trainings of Mensics
rationality and focused feeling leads to insights
you will enjoy the passionate involvement of our coaches.
The only marketing we do comes through the results reported by our clients!


Personal Empowerment - feeling at ease with yourself - finding your path - back on track
Mensics workshops are presented around the world in English, Dutch, German and French.
Mensics intensive trainings are tailor made, on request of Corporate Societies, Schools, independent Leaders - we focus on many layers in society. Mensics has a therapy branch - IPARRT practice international and a Coaching division. Because of the vast experience with healing effects of our work, we have created short track workshops and more day retreats.

Target groups as here under are only a few out of many. From Hospital and medical personal, to police and trauma teams, from teachers in Highschools to students who are homesick or lost their focus on choices in life and work. Please feel free to inform and share your questions or problem: we will reflect with you and disentangle the cores in the issue!

MENSICS is different from any other approach in Coaching:
practical spirituality and common sense support each other to co-create your solution
we will not tell you what you should or should not do, we help you
use your own spiritual potential and intuitions, including your 'gut-feeling' and skills,
all your qualities are seen fully and your personality will shine its own reflections.
You grow and enjoy empowerment.  Mensics coaches listen and help you find
the design of your solutions, yourself.

MENSICS Solution Designs:

- Constellation for trouble shooting at the working location, or in a business network.
find out where obstructions originate, locate and view them to make the problem dissolve into its solution.
Mensics will come to express and live your situation - to design your solutions with you.
Spend a full weekend to
unravel your business dynamics and obstructions in the web.

- Burn-out or loss of working spirit: The causes and effects. Learn from mistakes and unnoticed faults to grow into a better position with your personality and your work or company: This is a effective approach for in-depth solutions

- Team work and leadership analysis. interactions in the working field or personalities. Find how you can imporove your results and spend a training to focus for your targets. insights work and transformation can be instant.

- Energy healing in contact with Earth and the frequencies of environment and food - feel the influence that is not seen but does leave a trace in your well being. What does a certain problem radiate? and why did it occur in the first place?

- For intuitive leadership and psychic healers, Marion created a training on 'psychic science', where participants can learn to combine the physical well being with spiritual knowing, and leadership with vision. Applications and skills from the in-depth healing and psycho energy work, in which Marion has specialized since 2000.

- Medical doctors and surgeons - An Intensive Training into the effects of spirit in the body.
DEEP TISSUE MEMORY is a phenomenon of human life, containing clusters of condensed experience in the tissue. Medical trained specialists are invited to come and view the impact of surgery and accidents in the tissue's consciousness.
Learn to recognize the phenomenon - know it exists and find out what it can mean for you, to clear yourself from your patient's charges. This training offers a wonderful extra tool for the well being of the care-helpers themselves!

- Personnel in a nursery home or other hospice-like surrounding: learn to overwin heaviness in a practical focus on your working situation. know what you can find and find out what you can do about it for your own benefit. This training is not only for Personnel, it can be offered by Hospitals and Homes to all their helpers, to avoid unnecessary illness and absence of work.

- Accident Trauma Release A.T.R. - a one day workshop or a full week training - for therapists, medical carehelpers and others. The stored charges can be traced, unexplicable chronic dis-ease can be untangled from its cause, and B.I.I.D can disappear.  Since this is a more therapeutical focused training: see more at our iparrt practice website http://www.iparrt.nl

- World War I battlefields in Northern France: les lieux de memoires intense. With French native speaker  Colleague Mme Suzanne Coulbeaut, Marion made a Workshop that brings the memories at peace on places of intense historical happenings - Participants will experience the impact of environmental energy and presence in their own functioning and reasoning. This workshop is for the public and for all who want to know more about this phenomenon. The workshop can travel to the American Civil War grounds and other places of 'memoires intense' . In 2006 we have done a pilot at the Taj Mahal in Agra India.


Workshops and trainings for many layers in society - Powerful Empowering!

Clearly, a professional trainer whith experience in the sensitivity of people and their well being, is the perfect coach to tune-in into the problems of certain groups in society. We offer:

For young people (age 16- 23): FASE and FIT

to discover who you are, to dis-cover limitations, to un-cover qualities. to be YOU.
FASE - Focused Attention on Speach and Expression - to learn to know how you position yourself and your possibilities in school, education and supposed expectations by society. Explore how you tend to limit your possibilities on before hand - 2 days mostly a weekend
FIT - Focusing on Individual Tuning - to explore how you view your chances and what is the result of individual baggage or limitations that need to be transformed.
To become more and more the person that you really are. This workshop is to expolore and confront your personality with its qualities and capacities.
the youth has the future, and that future starts NOW. 
2 days following FASE
1 Day for evaluation and gathering after this process of Fase & Fit.
Groups tend to form friendships and like to come back.

F.I.T. for Teachers against burnout.

Focused Individual Training - not to get more knowledge or to be taught new book wisdom, you have enough knowledge and skills as a teacher. MENSICS wil bring you to a point in your self where you can heal and grow, in the setting of school as an organisation, interaction with students pupils and parents, as well as private.
We need good teachers to stay healthy and happy: they will radiate it to many in the next generation!


Police Trauma Teams and Fire Fighters:

Special intensive training for Trauma teams and first line aid.
Trauma & Trigger - intensive in 2 days with return training of 1 or 2 days.
No more will your work be disturbing your dreams or nightrest. Learn to be self-centered even with the focus on helping others in traumatic situations.

Secundary trauma - what you are confronted with can leave its marks without you even knowing it until you get fatigue or unexplaned complaints.
cleanse and clean yourself with the special experiential workshops for this tough professions: it will certainly bring you insights.

CAREHELPERS HELP - a intensive training with specialties for:
- Nurses and personnel in homes
- Surgeons and teams
- Social workers
- Family doctors and their assisting crew
- Ambulance personnel

Guards and Personal (Body-)guards
Here the i.t. puts focus on Attentive Stress

Musicians (profs), (top-) sporters and Surgeons
what do they have in common?
long times performing, long times concentration, similar or the same
movements, stress in performing: there is no second chance it must be good NOW. Mensics will go to the core issue of any repetitive complaint.
a private process in individual consultations is part of this intensive.


Soon there will be more text in English!
please contact us for information.


LIfe is now. Quality of life is what you whish to design for yourself.

Mensics helps you to re-create your life.